We are Havas, a fully integrated global marketing agency with more than 20 years of experience innovating with IBM. We’re proud of everything we do. Here’s a small selection of recent work that showcases the ways in which we partner with you.


IBM has no shortage of powerful thought leadership, but a lot of that knowledge was locked in siloed, gated, and unengaging whitepapers. Havas developed a new approach for delivering industry-changing inspiration – one which actively engages users with content that’s dynamically controlled by the readers themselves.

User Controlled Storytelling


Havas created an ecosystem of content and resources to promote Watson Data Platform. With new messaging and design that aligns with Cloud and Watson branding, the team developed resources that educate developers, data scientists, business analysts, and CDOs on the diverse benefits of becoming a data-driven business using Watson Data Platform.

Watson Data Platform


In preparation for VMworld 2017, we created a 60 second video to generate excitement around the VMware and IBM relationship. Pulling together live footage from VMware and IBM leaders in combination with light animations, the video highlights the key differentiators for this partnership leading the next generation of cloud adoption.

VMware Video


Think Events

Havas built the first digital experience around IBM’s new event ‘think.’ With the event in early stages of development, Havas was asked to create an experience that would evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue to create hype. In collaboration with the IBM Brand Experience and Design team, Havas was able to produce one of the first successful iterations of the new branding system.


To complement the February 2017 Think Academy learning topic “Developing the Future,” Havas built Angela, an interactive chatbot. Named after the protagonist in the Think Friday: How It Works video, Angela was created using Watson Visual Recognition, Speech to Text, and Tone Analyzer. Go ahead and let her tell you how to develop chatbots using Watson APIs. 

Ask Angela: An Educational Chatbot


In order to bring a lively and distinct identity to Corporate Responsibility Report, Havas created a colorful, partially animated web experience to showcase IBM's corporate responsibility efforts in a way that was stands out from previous years. This approach incorporated an illustration style similar to IBM’s Annual Report, which added an engaging visual element.

Corporate Responsibility Report